Expo Displays: Build your stand in minutes.

Create an appropriate atmosphere at every trade fair or other presentation event. With our Expo Displays you choose a kit in a bag that you can build yourself. Flexible in shape and size, completely reusable and easy to set up. We print images with a special technique on wrinkle-free fabric. This way you always create a different atmosphere with the same materials.

No time to build the Expo Displays yourself? It is of course also possible to have our Expo Displays built by us. In that case, we take care of you completely and we arrange the assembly and dismantling for you. Can you focus your attention on other things!

Flexible in use

Create a different atmosphere with the same materials for every exhibition or occasion. Set up your stand with tables and accessories and build the stand the way you want. If you have purchased a stand that is not the same as the previous fair, it is easy to change its shape.

Easy to use

You can easily pull the wrinkle-free cloth over the aluminum frame yourself. You can also choose to have the canvas printed on two sides. For example, the canvas can be used as a side wall or it is possible to switch between messages during the fair.

Meerdere mogelijkheden

EMC Expo also supplies flexible back panels. Ideal for the more limited stand spaces. The back walls are easy to set up yourself and use in many variations: as a back wall or as separate elements. The elements can be magnetically attached to each other so that different sequences can be made. This allows you to create the perfect message with the right atmosphere for every trade fair.

Buy or rent.

Our Expo Displays are both for sale and for rent. If you are going to use the materials several times, buying is an attractive option. If you only need materials once, renting is a good choice.

Curious how we can realize the perfect stand for you?