Special Offer: Digital information panel

This free-standing digital information panel in the well-known smartphone model is a real eye-catcher…. A beautiful design with extensive possibilities! The bright touchscreen display ensures that the audience’s attention is immediately drawn. Thanks to its modern design and versatile character, this column is very suitable for placing in the office or in your shop.

Place the digital information panel in a visible strategic location to create the best effect. The digital information kiosk is user-friendly (plug and play) and easy to operate thanks to the well-known Android operating system. In addition to your website, it is also possible to display your videos and photos via a USB connection.

You can already rent this information panel per week for € 250.00 excluding VAT, transport, installation, and instruction in The Netherlands. Minimum rental period: 1 month.

Would you rather buy? This is possible for only € 2,750.00 excluding VAT, transport, installation and instruction in The Netherlands.

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