Chair massages especially for companies

We are now halted by Corona with regard to the stand construction work. This makes us think about how we can serve companies and its people. At trade fairs we use a lot of our expo services at stands, including chair massages.
At the moment, many staff is at home, but they also need contact and connection.
As EMC Expo, we, therefore, offer chair massages to companies, of course with due observance of the RIVM guidelines.


Besides increasing the productivity of your team, what more does a chair massage do:
– Relieves neck, back, and shoulder complaints
– Reduces work stress
– Reduces any depression and migraines
– Reduces the risk of absenteeism
– Increases productivity

Benefits of chair massage for the employer:
– Less and shorter absenteeism
– Enthusiastic and healthier employees
– Employees are more loyal to the company
– It is a recognized health and safety measure with tax benefits

In short, a great incentive for your employees during this period!

Information and costs:
To request more information, click here or call +31 (0)30 2966333.
The price for a chair massage for companies is € 1.00 per minute, excluding VAT and travel costs. Travel and parking costs are passed on if applicable. For chair massages, we use a minimum purchase of 3 consecutive hours.

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